Thursday, July 25, 2013

How to Catch a Taurus Man

The Taurus man is one of the most sensual of all the zodiac signs and also is the most desired by women. He is a man of few words but is a loyal and loving partner. If you are looking for marriage material, look no further than a Taurus man. While his fixation on you or his likes or dislikes might seem unsettling, the key to catching a Taurus man is understanding that he will not change his ways. This might drive away those who like spontaneity, but for women who are looking for a steady relationship and someone to settle down with, the Taurus man is your guy.



    Stimulate his senses by caressing him. Touch his neck or the back of his head as if by accident.


    Take care of your skin. A Taurus man has an intense sense of feeling. Use lotions and exfoliating scrubs to ensure your skin is supple and silky. .


    Create a romantic atmosphere. Soft, sensual music, an exceptional drink, low lights and great conversation are ways to a Taurus man's heart. Avoid topics pertaining to past flames and romances because a Taurus man is jealous and possessive by nature. He does not like to be reminded of your past.


    Don't play games. While a Taurus man needs to feel wanted, he doesn't like to be toyed with. He values commitment, above all, and will direct his attention to someone who is readily available and willing to be with only him.


    Be loyal. A Taurus man will never forgive a betrayal or infidelity. If you are chasing a married Taurus man, your efforts are futile. A true Taurus man will show his faithfulness and will expect you to do the same.


    Show stability. Having consistency in life is one aspect of life a Taurus man craves. No matter which woman the Taurus man chooses to settle down with, this is one characteristic that his partner must have.


    Be glamorous. While a Taurus man is not superficial, he shows an innate interest in attractive women and sexuality. Flaunt your feminine side.


    Keep your promises. Reliability is a key to building a relationship with the Taurus man.


    Don't use sex as a weapon. A Taurus man's view of intimacy is a natural and healthy one. If you use this against him in a mind game or on a power trip, expect that his attention will be diverted to someone else.


    Be old-fashioned. While more women are becoming independent and lead fulfilling lives outside the home, a Taurus man wants to be the provider and protector of his family. Have a meal prepared for him when he comes home, and take care of the housework and the cleaning. He will expect very little of you and will greatly reward you for your efforts.


    Take it slow. If you have your sights set on a Taurus man and he has responded positively, don't rush the relationship. This man will take a slow, romantic approach and court you. Don't push him away by rushing him into a commitment.

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